Hang Ten

The brand began in 1960 when surfer Duke Boyd and seamstress Doris Boeck put together a pair of tough nylon shorts designed exclusively for surfing. The creation, now known as board shorts, was stitched with little feet in homage to surfings greatest skill hanging ones toes off the front of a board and launched the first all-original surfing apparel brand.

Today, the brand
s products are available in over 15 different countries spread across North America, East and Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

We have developed Hang Ten from its humble surfing origins into a multi-regional casual apparel brand which suits customers seeking affordable yet stylish casual wear. The brand offers products to all ages, including children and teens, men, and women.

As the local market
s taste for casual wear has changed, so too has our strategy for Hang Ten. We have maintained the brands previous focus on essentials, but we have grown the brands products to be fashionable on their own merits as well as part of a layered ensemble.

Because of the mass-market appeal of Hang Ten
s products, we work to place our stores in high-traffic areas which are frequented by our target clientèle, namely families and those who want to look good without hurting their budgets. We have revitalized the shopping experience in our stores which were once known as a place for bargain-seekers into what are now modern feeling stores which appeal to more image conscious consumers.


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