H:CONNECT delivers stylish attire at a reasonable price to fashion-minded customers. It serves the fast fashion market in the Asia region. The company began in 2006 under the name H&T and has subsequently evolved into a recognized leader in the Asian fast fashion market.

The brand initially established a significant footprint in Korea, where our design team scouts the city
s fashion centers to stay ahead of customers demands for fresh looks, fast. By leveraging the brands success and strong ties to the Korean pop music scene, H:CONNECT has reached a point where it has begun expanding into China and Taiwan.

By taking advantage of our extensive supply chain resources our designers move concepts from the drawing board to the showroom floor in as little as two weeks, making it one of the best positioned specialty retailers in the field. Combining our logistics assets with a tailored retail experience and items priced more reasonably than our competition,
H:CONNECT is poised to grow significantly in the next few years.


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