Roots offers lifestyle products inspired by traditional Canadian styles. The brand was created in 1973, and is known around the world for its quality leather goods, active athletic and yoga wear, accessories, and home furnishings.

Starting with a tiny store in Toronto, Roots now has more than 120 retail locations in North America, and more than 100 locations in Asia. The company completes its leather work at its state of the art factory and design center in Toronto.

The company embodies a distinctive look which is synonymous with casual, athletic, hip and outdoor lifestyles. The simple and efficient design means consumers from all walks of life can find suitable attire at Roots. The company’s products are known for their quality materials, superior comfort, and durability, which helps boost their appeal.

As the master licensee for Asia, Branded Lifestyle has successfully expanded into the region by building off of the brand’s already established reputation. While the company’s North American strategy has led to its international renown, our team has tailored an approach exclusively for the local market, resulting in deep and meaningful penetration into the Taiwanese market.  We have further expanded the value of the brand by placing retail outlets in exclusive and high-profile areas, as well by providing auxiliary services such as the Roots Café to grow the brand into the fabric of people's lives. As a result, we have continued to develop Roots from an up market apparel and furniture store into a symbol of an individual’s successful lifestyle and affluence.


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